The better way to manage your energy choices

Turn the tables on energy deregulation! Our patented technology finds the best energy prices in the retail market for homes and small businesses, guaranteeing you the lowest possible rate, always.

We automatically switch you to new providers as needed to keep your bill at the minimum. See the cost of your energy usage in advance, manage and pay your bill through us, and never signup for an energy company again.

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Acting as your agent, EnergyBill represents you, the consumer. We are not a utility company. Our aim is to provide an independent, consumer friendly and simplified process for complete energy bill management.

How it works

How it works

People want to save money and promote the environment, but they don't know how, and deregulation presents good opportunities for consumers to do both! Texas leads the country in wind generation and is on pace to do the same with solar because of the power of consumer choice.

Information is the key. Consumers may not understand how the market works, but we do! We constantly monitor the energy markets, leveraging data and technology to make deregulation work in your favor.

By analyzing your energy usage and other things like weather, we forecast how much energy you’ll use and when. We show you the cost impact of your energy choices, automatically choose the cheapest energy plan on your behalf, continuously managing your contract enrollment, and much more.

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Know your energy usage

Learn about your energy usage in terms that you can understand - dollars!

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Manage a monthly budget

Set a budget for your bill in advance, don't wait to be surprised.

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All your energy in one place

Monitor electric, gas, water, and propane from a single interface.

Ever wondered...

Woah my bill sure is high, how much will I spend tomorrow?

Like a pricetag at the grocery store, we can tell you the cost of your energy choices in advance.

How am I supposed to know which is the right power company for me? There are too many options.

Let us choose the most cost-effective energy provider for you, automatically.

I want to lower my bills but feel lost. What if I had a team of experts working 24/7 on my behalf?

Let EnergyBill illuminate the path and lead you to savings.

Can I do anything more with all these "smart" devices, or are they just trendy gadgets?

EnergyBill brings true intelligence to your smart home.

You bet we heard it many times! Let us help you better manage your energy comsumption.

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